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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate transaction can be complex, time-consuming and multi-faceted, yet many parties believe they don’t need an attorney when they are acquiring, selling or managing commercial real estate property. Engaging an experienced real estate law firm, such as Purser & Glenn, PLLC, to be involved in your commercial transaction will protect your property rights, whether a buyer or seller, and represent your best interests throughout the contracting, leasing and/or closing process.

Purser & Glenn, PLLC has been serving the needs of the commercial real estate community for several decades enduring extreme economic cycles, marketing ebbs and flows, and constant regulatory changes. The firm offers a comprehensive range of services related to commercial real estate in North Carolina and South Carolina. We represent all types of parties in real estate transactions, including buyers, sellers, investors, lenders, contractors, builders, and developers.

Commercial Real Estate Transaction Services:

  • Real Estate closings: Purser & Glenn, PLLC performs commercial real estate closings, whether you are purchasing with a loan or cash, refinancing, or require a construction loan or construction-to-permanent loan. The firm assists in obtaining title insurance, resolving title defects, reviewing loan and lease documents, and representing a purchaser with any real property concerns. Alternatively, the legal team can represent a seller in a commercial real estate transaction, preparing Deed packages, reviewing contract and lease provisions, and safeguarding the interests of the seller.
  • Real Estate acquisitions: The firm handles all matters related to the sale or purchase of commercial real estate, from the negotiation of transaction terms to the closing and beyond. Purser and Glenn, PLLC represents individuals or businesses involved in selling or buying commercial, industrial, institutional, retail or residential property, including the sale of a business, trade or franchise.
  • Development agreements: Purser & Glenn, PLLC provides extensive knowledge of the necessary terms to be contained in development agreements and the particular traps to avoid. Since no two real estate transactions are the same, no two development agreements should be drafted with the same provisions or evaluated with the same criteria. The partners seek to minimize disputes by incorporating a client’s personal circumstances and unique needs when preparing and reviewing development agreements.
  • Construction contracts: Construction contracts contain the negotiated relationship between both a homeowner and the builder, dictating the terms for construction, deadlines, compensation and distribution of funds. The experienced partners of Purser & Glenn, PLLC represent either party to ascertain the significant terms of an agreement, to assist in the negotiation of those provisions and to reduce the understanding into a written enforceable construction contract.
  • Title searches, judgment searches and title insurance coverage: Title insurance protects your investment in real property from preexisting title issues and insures against financial loss from defects of that title. Purser & Glenn, PLLC advises clients as to the value of title insurance, the amount of coverage, the type of policy and the limitations of coverage in the case of a claim. In order to obtain title insurance, Purser & Glenn, PLLC will examine the public records to determine the ownership of the parcel, ensure good and marketable title free of liens and mortgages, work to resolve title defects and issues, and confirm legal access. The legal team counsels clients as to the value of a survey and the additional coverage it may offer in the title insurance policy.
  • Contract preparation and review: A well-drafted commercial real estate contract is an essential element for establishing nearly every duty, obligation and cost in a closing transaction. Because of the critical nature and potential complexity of each provision of a contract, Purser & Glenn, PLLC can prepare or review all terms prior to signature to ensure the client, whether buyer or seller, understands the obligations negotiated and the protections afforded. Contracts are drafted with careful attention to the specific requirements of the client, unique features of the real property, and essential timelines and deadlines.
  • “SBA” financing: The Small Business Administration (“SBA”) works with lenders to provide loans to small businesses. The agency doesn’t lend money directly to small business owners, but sets regulatory guidelines for loans made by its partnering lenders, community development organizations, and micro-lending institutions. Purser & Glenn, PLLC maintains broad experience in closing SBA loans with efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and in accordance with all applicable SBA regulations.
  • Construction Loans: If you are considering construction of a commercial building, Purser & Glenn, PLLC can assist in the lot purchase or lease, communication with your lender, coordination with your inspector, title search of your property, review of your loan documents, explanation of your obligations, closing of the construction loan, and post-closing lien searches for your draws, all in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Builder Representation: Purser & Glenn, PLLC has a longstanding tradition of extensive experience in representing builders, both large and small, from lot take down to outsales. The firm’s dedicated team of attorneys and staff provide organized processes targeted at residential and commercial builders to close a builder’s acquisition loan, advise as to lien agents, communicate with the builder’s closing coordinator and close, record and wire builder proceeds efficiently at the time of the sale to a homebuyer.
  • Lease preparation and review: Consulting Purser & Glenn, PLLC to prepare or review your commercial lease is advisable to ensure the provisions, such as rental payments, security deposits, term of years, maintenance obligations, guaranty requirements, and default terms are unambiguous and customized for you. The legal team can prepare necessary documents for either the lessor or the lessee in a transaction and provide understanding and safeguards to the client.


Commercial real estate ventures and transactions are often met with time consuming challenges. Retaining an experienced attorney can greatly increase efficiency in your real estate transactions and decrease potential risks and unnecessary expenses.

Any commercial real estate project requires time, persistence, and attention to detail. The law firm of Purser & Glenn, PLLC offers each client the skilled effort needed to ensure any commercial real estate project is handled smoothly, successfully and timely.

Helping People Throughout the Carolinas

From Charlotte to Fort Mill and the surrounding North Carolina and South Carolina communities, Purser & Glenn, PLLC represents clients dealing with routine needs to highly complex commercial real estate matters. With several decades of combined legal skill and proficiency, the firm anticipates, identifies, and resolves potential challenges that could stall your property transaction. Purser & Glenn, PLLC provides clear direction, knowledgeable guidance and customized services to alleviate hurdles that typically stall a smooth closing process.

We serve clients in all areas of North Carolina and South Carolina, including but not limited to the cities of  Clover, Fort Mill, Gastonia, Indian Land, Lake Wylie, Newport, Rock Hill, Tega Cay, Ballantyne, Bessemer City, Belmont, Charlotte, Denver, Harrisburg, Indian Trail, Kings Mountain, Pineville, Stanley, Steele Creek, Weddington, Concord, Hendersonville, Asheville, Mooresville, and Lincolnton.

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